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Let me Live Again Documentary Tour

A DOCUMENTARY FILM BASED ON THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY "LET ME LIVE AGAIN " BY BISHOP ANGEL NUNEZ PREVIEW SCREENING EVENTOctober 5th, 10:00am to 12:00pm THE SENATOR THEATRE5904 York Rd. Baltimore, MD. 21221 For tickets call (410-483-0100) or visit ( )  Bishop Nuñez was born in New York City. His father abandoned the home before his birth, and at the tender age of eight, he lost his mother to cancer. This left him in the care of government institutions and forced him to live from home to home and in the streets of New York and Puerto Rico. Living a life of hopelessness, he succumbed to a life of violence, gangs, and drugs. But God’s hand was upon him and through all the suffering and pain he was able to understand the meaning of life.
The Bishop has been in ministry for over 40 years, and is the Bishop of the Bilingual Christian Fellowship, Pastor of the Bilingual Christian Church, and President of the Multicultural Prayer movement which represents over 620 churches in the Mid-Atlantic region.  He has been in Baltimore, Maryland for 30 years and does not only pastor and lead, but he is also an activist. His documentary film covers not only his life, but his continue efforts on immigration reform and social justice for all people. The message of this film is to tell the hurting and broken (especially the youth) that there is hope; and they can  rise, and live again.
Bishop has been a frequent guest on numerous media outlets; including CNN, Fox News, and Univision.  He has traveled to 36 countries written 5 books and is an international conference speaker. He has worked tearlessly with our last 5 mayors and police commissioners to serve the community of the city of Baltimore.   
 Finally, we believe that this Documentary Film directed by Duda Penteado and produced by Unshakeable Productions will be a tool of reflection on important social issues. Ultimately, we hope that it will help on reducing the violence within our hurting community, not only in Baltimore but across the nation. 



For more information please fell free to contact our office at 410-483-0100